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JONATHAN TAEE, PhD, Managing Director

Jonathan has over 12 years experience in print, web, film and photography design. Having managed and taught in the Digital Media Department of the University of Virginia, USA, he specializes in multi-platform integration and has a deep understanding of many professional design applications.

With a PhD from the University of Cambridge, UK, in his back pocket, he brings a rigorous attention to detail and process to all of Rhizome's projects. Enterprising and tactical in work approach, Jonathan knows how to structure, deliver and complete large-scale projects.

Jonathan has also launched and sold a successful start-up company,  offering unparalleled business experience, including branding and marketing, budget management and communications.

He now lives in Hudson, NY, with his farmer wife and first newborn child.

CHRIS CONNER, Head of Video Production and Editing

Chris is a video editor and post-production specialist with more than six years of experience planning, developing, implementing and delivering content to the constantly evolving ecosystem of devices. He works with narrative, interview and promotional based material, including sound and image design.

After graduating with a BA from Green Mountain College in western (Poultney) Vermont he began his creative career at a dynamic and experience-driven business before assisting in getting a start-up off the ground. This business experience gives an extra edge to his creative editing work, giving him an empathetic leaning to our clients' deadlines, budgets and marketing needs.

With his self-directed and results-oriented post-production experience, Chris gives life to online content, driving narrative, emotional impact and marketability.

DEBRA GITTERMAN, Head of Web Development

Debra has nearly a decade of experience customizing and deploying web applications built on the latest content management systems like WordPress and Drupal.  Seasoned in all phases of development, she has a uniquely wide skill set comprising front and back end development and content management system configuration. What does this mean? Well, you dream it up, she can build it.

She codes using web standards and best practices for accessibility, SEO optimization, streamlined user experience, and cross browser compatibility.  She's a proponent of mobile-first designing and platform agnostic development for websites that stand the test of time.

With a background in ancient Greek and creative writing, she's fearless and innovative in her approach.

She lives in the Hudson Valley with her husband, children, and some backyard chickens and has the distinction of being a techie who can communicate! You can check out her impressive body of work here.

CHRIS SABATINI, Head of Design, Founder at Sabra Design

Chris brings over 10 years of experience in digital design, a journey that's taken him from print to photography to app development (and everything in between). Chris works with clients across a wide and unique array of industries to produce web design that's equal parts strategic and aesthetically pleasing.

After graduating from the University of Virginia with degrees in Digital Art, Photography and Italian Literature, Chris honed his passion for design working for a variety of creative agencies before founding the DC-based Sabra Design in 2012.

A colorful personality that's not satisfied with settling into routine, Chris has also contributed creative to charity events, designed and animated music videos and recently sponsored a Comedy Hackathon (ask him about it).


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