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We are committed to delivering a diverse yet focused set of creative, design and technology services for businesses and organizations. Each client and project has it's particular requirements, and we strive to create bespoke solutions to each and every need. Whether it be a full brand and identity build, a complex content management website, or a single brochure, we work hand in hand with our clients' budget, time line and marketing goals to ensure the final result exceeds expectations. The quality results we produce time and time again all begin by listening in great detail to our clients' needs and thinking through  a structured and intelligent plan before jumping into the design.

While our clients rave about the results of our final designs, it is our work-flow process and communications that keep them coming back.

Our work-flow process is structured, tied to deadlines, and inclusive. Projects are thought through to completion before design starts. We mark each project milestone with a concrete deadline. And we give your team creative input at all critical junctures.

We drive our engagements forward with clear, precise and rapid communications, be it in e-mails, meetings, calls or texts.


We offer a wide range of services:



Top-to-bottom business and personal branding. Start by identifying the your business or personal goals, move to inclusive planning and design processes, onto fast-paced and detail orientated production, and finish with an integrated and memorable brand.


Rhizome specializes in digital and print advertising, from single audience-specific deliverables to wide-ranging and multi-asset projects. Think tiny single phrase web banners all the way up to gigantic 160ft poster boards.

Website Development

We build beautiful sites that tell a story, your story. Our sites are interactive, connect to social-media and are designed to specific performance specifications. We offer full CMS solutions, giving you the power to edit and update your site.  But most of all, Rhizome keeps it simple. Web 3.0.

Graphic Design

We create single design assets like business cards, invitations, infographics, packaging, presentations, gifs, photographs, fliers, brochures, media mailers, stationary... If you can dream it up, we can (and probably have already) produce it.


Some of our best work has come from working with businesses and individuals organizing internationally-scaled events. We do in-space designs, event collateral, invitations, & everything else your event planner can imagine. We insure an integrated 'event brand'.


It all begins and ends here. If you can't talk clearly, concisely and in the language and tone of your clients, how can you offer effective design? Rhizome puts 'effective communication' in front of every project, client and e-mail.

Video Editing

We offer a full service video post-production solution. We specialize in short, narrative based films that deploy across web and mobile platforms. We thirst for that viral video that demonstrates our clients’ mission and work, while wowing audiences with the quality of production and a captivating narrative.

Operations Technology

What is the point of a brilliant website, a coordinated brand and beautiful marketing assets if you can't control, share and manage them? We help businesses implement simple technological solutions that streamline operations. Think file-sharing, employee communications and regular social media engagement. We can help you get your work done efficiently.

Business Consulting

We advise small to medium sized businesses on how to streamline, develop and adapt their brands, marketing and websites in coordination with backend operations, such as accounting, business structure, team communications and mobile devices. Imagine everything you do aligned and coordinated with simple technology solutions. We can make that happen.


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